5×5 Smart Hut


Plenty of room and windows offers true 360 degree viewing and shooting.

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18″ Sliding Windows *

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  • NEW FOR 2019! All blinds now carpeted!
  • We build all of our stands with Smart Siding, allowing you longevity without the noise!
  • Four 12″ high sliding windows offering a 360 degree view.
  • Features 6’7″ of clearance inside enclosure
  • Waterproof rubber membrane roof
  • Full 24″x64″ Door
  • Interior is finished with non-reflective paint
  • Enclosures are notched for fork lift placement


  • 8′ base and stairwell (standard), constructed of treated wood and painted
  • Heavy-duty stairwells are constructed in the same way as the base and feature safe and easy access.

Total Height: 15′ (with 8′ Base)

Occupancy: 1 Adult and 1 Youth